[How to stew chicken legs in beer]_ stewed chicken legs _ how to make

[How to stew chicken legs in beer]_ stewed chicken legs _ how to make

Beer is called liquid bread because it contains protein that meets our body’s needs.

We see a lot of men with beer belly because they drink too much beer and lead to increased conversion.

We can also make delicious beer chicken drumsticks with chicken legs and beer, which is both nutritious and healthy, and fast and convenient.

So, what is the practice of beer stewed chicken legs?

1. Ingredients: 8 chicken drumsticks, 2 green and green peppers, 1 can of green onion, ginger, beer, cooking wine, soy sauce, vinegar, rock sugar, salt seasoning, peppercorn, aniseed, a small amount of fragrant leaves.Put the ginger in the pan and stir fry the oil, and drain the oil; 2, continue to stir fry until the fat is reduced, fry the cooking wine and stir fry for a while; 3, add beer, soy sauce, vinegar, pepper, aniseed, fragrantLeaves, boil; 4. Pour everything into a pressure cooker and press for 10 minutes; 5. Pour it back into the wok and add rock sugar, pepper, and juice on high heat.

Third, Tip 1. You don’t need a pressure cooker, and the low-steaming slow-steaming tastes good, but aren’t we low-carbon and not saving our own gas bills?

2. Green peppers are easy to cook, so put them at the end. If you like spicy, you can put a few dried peppers in the stew. If you like hemp, you can put a few more peppers.

You can make more of this dish, the next day you ca n’t finish it, it ‘s more delicious!

Third, the effect of chicken thighs Chicken meat is delicate and delicious, because it has a light taste, so it can be used in various dishes.

There is a lot of protein. Among the meat, it can be said that it is one of the highest protein meats, which is a food with high protein and low feces.

Potassium sulfate amino acid content is quite large, so it can be excessive for cattle and pork deficiency.

At the same time, because chicken has more vitamin A content than other meats, and although the amount is worse than vegetables or kidneys, but beef and pork, its vitamin A content is much higher.

The leg meat is from the feet to the legs, and the meat around the roots of the legs. The meat is quite hard. When it is put together with the skin, it is slightly excessive and it is also the most iron content in the whole chicken.

Chicken leg meat has a high protein content ratio, many types, and high digestibility, and is easily absorbed and utilized by the human body, which has the effect of strengthening physical strength and strengthening the body.

Chicken contains phospholipids, which play an important role in human growth and development, and is one of the important sources of phospholipids in the Chinese alternative structure.

Chicken has good therapeutic effects on malnutrition, chills and cold, fatigue, fatigue, irregular menstruation, anemia, and weakness.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that chicken has the effects of warming and invigorating qi, filling deficiency and filling essence, strengthening the spleen and stomach, promoting blood circulation, and strengthening bones and bones.