[How to store ginger for one year]_How to save_ 小 妙招

[How to store ginger for one year]_How to save_ 小 妙招

Ginger is a relatively durable ingredient. Generally it does not need to be kept fresh or fresh. It can be stored directly in a dry place, but it should be noted that ginger can only be preserved because it is ginger, and it is relatively easy to rot when it is opened, And then regenerate ginger to dry when drying, so that it can be stored.

For the ginger storage method, we can come to understand the content introduced below.

First, the storage method of ginger 1. When ginger is 3-5 days before receiving, the watering should be stopped in time. When harvesting, it should be handled gently during the correction, transportation, unloading and drying of ginger., Put it lightly, deposit precipitation, rain, implant mechanical damage, prevent breeding and infectious diseases during storage.

2. In order to ensure the quality of storage, the ginger has also removed the ginger blocks that have frost damage, damage, disease, dryness, and rain in time when harvesting, and full and full, robust and disease-free, neat and good quality ginger blocks.As storage ginger.

3. Ginger collection must be completed before the frost. The complications of ginger are frostbite.

After the ginger is fully ripe and harvested, if there is a lot of water, there may be residual disease bacteria on the epidermis of the ginger block. For the disease to occur after the accumulation and storage, you should choose a sunny day with better weather and let it dry in the sun for a day or two to reduce the ginger.The moisture content of the block, put the ginger block into a pile to heat and rot, put it to dry and age the epidermis of the ginger block, and kill the pathogenic bacteria on the epidermis, and accumulate disease infection after storage.

4. Ginger storage should be sterilized in advance. This is a very simple and effective method to reduce the ginger disease in the subsequent storage. You can use fumigants for storage or spray lime in the cellar for disinfection and sterilization.

In addition, before the ginger enters the cellar, apply a layer of fine river sand or stones of about 5 cm in advance, and place two or three thin bamboo poles, corn stalks or dry reeds (for ventilation) per cubic meter, and then apply it to the cellar.The internal veins and other items are fully disinfected, and 15 kg of water can be used.

8% Avermectin EC was sprayed.

5. When stacking ginger blocks, you should handle them gently without merging them. Do not hurt the ginger blocks. Insert the ginger blocks and stack them vertically. Stack one layer of ginger blocks and spread a layer of 3-5 cm fine sand. Ginger pileWhen the height is 30 cm from the top of the warehouse, it should be used when the stacking is stopped and the roof is capped with wet sand, soil, bales, etc.

6. In the first month after the new ginger enters the warehouse, the ginger block has a stronger breathing effect and the wound needs to heal. Therefore, the temperature of the storage room should be kept above 20 degrees in the first month, and some vents should be left in the storage warehouse to maintain ventilation.In order to make the ginger block age as soon as possible to heal the wound, you can keep the temperature of the refrigerator at about 10-15 degrees in the future and close the storage opening.

7. Keep ginger at a temperature of 10-5 degrees during storage. When the temperature exceeds 20 degrees, ventilation and cooling can be performed in time; unless humidity control in the storage room is required, the humidity in the warehouse can be maintained at 90-95.%, Because when the humidity is lower than 90%, the ginger is prone to ginger blast or rotten ginger problems, you can sprinkle water on the top to humidify.

You can place a wet and dry thermometer inside the warehouse, and the armor can be used to check the temperature and humidity inside the refrigerator at any time.

Second, how to choose ginger?

The best ginger storage should choose a place with high terrain, convenient drainage, and dry and sheltered from the sun. When digging the cellar, first remove the old soil of a few centimeters. After the new soil is exposed, use carbendazimWait for sterilization drugs to spray and disinfect, and keep the pit depth at about 3-5 meters.